Update on the COVID-19 situation in Finland

All LEMAN services are still running

26. March

A state of emergency has been declared in Finland, and below mentioned measures have been introduced by the Government. At LEMAN, we of course act accordingly to all government advise and have taken our own internal precautions.

  • Schools, universities and other educational institutions are closed
  • All restaurants, bars and night clubs are expected to be closed in the coming weekend (the Government is still working on a legislative piece regarding this, and therefore nothing is certain yet)
  • Public meetings and gatherings as well as visits to health care units are restricted 
  • Border traffic is restricted, but is still open for commercial transport
  • The Helsinki area is closed for private transportation until April 19th – commercial transports are still allowed. People are only allowed to enter and leave the area if they have a creditable purpose to do so.

At LEMAN we recommend you and all employees to follow the Recommendations on how to act when recieving and shipping goods.

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