New forecast shows significant improvement in LEMAN's own CO₂ emissions

15. December

From 2020 to 2021, LEMAN lowered its own CO₂ emissions from 2,830 tons to 2,028 tons, and now the latest forecast shows that emissions will drop significantly further in 2022.

The new forecast, which is a projection of our actual performance in the first three quarters of the year, shows that we can expect to land somewhere around 1,100 tons of CO₂. In other words, a reduction of close to 50 percent in a single year. It is indeed remarkable.

The big improvement in our figures is driven, among other things, by a 'greening' of our energy consumption in the USA, where over the past year we have switched to electricity from hydropower and wind power, which is both good for the environment and at the same time has an enormously positive impact on our CO₂ accounting. But many other things such as solar cells and energy efficiency improvements also play a role, as does a reduction in our truck fleet.

The figures cover emissions from LEMAN's own energy consumption. This concerns, for example, the emissions from our own trucks, and emissions caused by the energy consumption in our offices and terminals from everything such as radiators, computers, servers, lighting and the like.