5 ways to get your shipments from China

From sea transport to express delivery

2. November

Every day, LEMAN helps customers to get goods and supplies delivered on time. And when the world trade situation changes, we explore new transport solutions to secure your continued supply chain. We take our responsibilities seriously and help provide transportation and logistics in order to maintain both consumption and the socially critical infrastructure - whether it is food, consumer goods for retail, or personal protective equipment, LEMAN always find a way. 

Therefore, you can now get your shipments from China to Europe in FIVE different modes of transportation:

By truck:

The new and innovative solution for both part loads and full loads, if you need your Chinese shipments to be delivered in Europe in just 15-21 days.

By sea:

With a transit time of 35-40 days, this is the cost efficient transportation mode for shipments of at least 2 cbm.

By rail:

The faster alternative to sea freight for larger shipments and full loads, with a transit time of 23-25 days.

By air:

Choose your transit time for your partloads and general cargo – the fast air solution in 3-5 days or standard air transport in 5-8 days.

By Express/courier

Perfect for small shipments with a transit time of 2-4 days, depending on your choice of express or economy solution.

No matter your transportation needs, we tailor the best solution for you and get the goods delivered on time.

Contact your local LEMAN specialist and let us handle you transportation and logistics.