Christmas time is cookie time

Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time of joy, happiness, excitement, family, and lots of Christmas cookies.

Since 1929, Annas Pepparkakor has spread the Christmas spirit to homes all over the globe with their “pepparkakor”, or ginger thins. It all started when the two sisters, Anna and Emma Karlsson, opened a home bakery in Stockholm, and quickly, people came from near and far to get hold of the delicious cookies. Anna and Emma decided to expand the business, and today, almost 100 years later, Sweden’s most loved pepparkaka, is sold worldwide, and Annas is the biggest ginger thins provider in the world.

LEMAN is Annas logistics and transportation partner, and around Christmas every year, large amounts of cookies are being exported from the bakery in Sweden via LEMAN’s global logistics network.

The smell of Christmas in the air

“We ramp up our production every year at this time to be able to meet the global demand, and actually when it happens, around here we help people feel very Christmassy, as a wonderful scent of freshly baked biscuits spreads over the nearby frost-coated forests and fields. Thanks to LEMAN we are able to ship large amounts of biscuits around the world very efficiently and quickly,” says Jan-Christian Koivumäki, Supply Chain Manager at Annas.

To Jan-Christian, the good relationship with LEMAN is an important aspect combined with the fact that LEMAN is the little big company, where scalability and flexibility are key.

“I have a really close relationship with my personal contact person at LEMAN who is always able to help me. LEMAN is very dynamic, flexible, and accommodating, and no matter the size of the shipment, they always handle it without any issues along the way. Having LEMAN by my side really gives me peace of mind – and they have a very large stake in the fact that Christmas peace is declared here at Annas every year around the 24th of December,” Jan-Christian Koivumäki concludes.

Annas Pepparkakor

  • Headquarters in Tyresö, Sweden
  • Founded in 1929
  • The biggest ginger thins provider in the world
  • Sells "Sweden's most loved pepparkaka" (ginger thin) to more than 20 countries globally

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