LEMAN has a clear growth strategy. As an organisation, we are currently in a period of growth and change. This is an exciting time, full of opportunities for professional growth and to try new challenges. On this page, you can read more about working at LEMAN, applying for positions and advantages for new employees.


At LEMAN, we strive to maintain a professional recruitment process where potential candidates experience an organised and qualified process and where the company finds the best possible employees. This process generally comprises both a first and second interview and in some cases is supplemented by various tests. After the second interview, we will contact references, make our selection and hire the best candidate for the position. The duration of the process can vary, but generally it takes approx. 1 month from the application deadline.

"I enjoy the different challenges each day gives. With an excellent team around me, and a good positive attitude, we achieve our customers’ requests to the fullest. There is a sense of pride to work here, and this is shown by every member of staff." Garry Newsome, Activity Manager, Eastern Europe


LEMAN wants to attract, retain and develop employees through continuous focus on competency building. Properly skilled and motivated employees are a prerequisite to produce results and achieve even greater success. It is our ambition that all managers at LEMAN focus on continuous development of the individual employee and team. This development takes place through further education and courses, new work assignments and areas of responsibility and project and interdisciplinary team participation where team members learn from each other by working together on new challenges.


We regularly advertise vacant positions within forwarding, logistics, sales, IT, finance and administration. Unless you are applying as a trainee or new graduate, we generally expect applicants to have several years’ professional experience and knowledge within one or more of the areas specified. As an international company, we use English as our corporate language and expect all applicants to have strong skills in written and spoken English and preferably in one or more other foreign languages. We also expect applicants, as a minimum, to be able to use the MS Office Suite. Maybe we have a job for you. Check out our available positions or send an unsolicited application.


Employees are LEMAN’s most important resource, and we do our utmost to ensure that they are constantly motivated, well trained and satisfied. We work with and train our managers to focus on well-being, cooperation and to pay attention to employee and team development. We also have a strong focus on good working conditions and terms of employment.

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