Booking portals

Customer portal


The yourLEMAN online portal allows you to create bookings in a fast, easy and user-friendly way. Customize your booking overview with user layouts to produce thorough and detail-rich reports and export them to spread-sheets. The portal also provides several Track&Trace options, such as vessel, AWB and container tracking. Print labels and CMR waybills directly from the system. Click below to learn more about the benefits of using the yourLEMAN portal.

Online express booking

Express portal

Our online booking portal provides fast and easy access to LEMAN EXPRESS. Track & Trace allows customers to follow their letters and packages throughout the entire journey, from pick-up by our own courier to delivery at the destination.

Integration solution


When we onboard a customer with EDI connectivity, using LEMAN's standard formats, we offer simplicity and effectiveness for our customers making it easy and transparent for both customer and LEMAN to do business collaboratively.

Integration solution


Through API connectivity the customer gets feedback on the events pushed to LEMAN, allowing for a two-way communication between our systems offering simplicity in the booking processes.

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