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"Elephantastic transport solutions"

Every day, LEMAN helps companies and people all over the world delivering goods and supplies on time. For 120 years, we have taken our responsibilities seriously through high-quality logistics solutions to maintain consumer spending and critical infrastructure - whether it is transporting live animals, supplies to the world's conflict areas, or maintaining something as important as ... beer production.

After World War II, infrastructure in Europe was damaged, and it was difficult to get supplies and goods home from the Eastern Front. Therefore, LEMAN entered with the Red Cross, which transported the goods in their UNRRA caravans, which had previously provided emergency aid to the war-torn areas.

Around 1950, LEMAN was responsible for transporting two bottling plants for the Tuborg brewery. They were shipped from Milwaukee, across Lake Michigan, past Niagara Falls via 8 giant locks, 2,000 km sailing to Montreal, further along St. The Lawrence River, the Bell Isle Strait and finally across the Atlantic to Denmark.

In 1948, the state of Wisconsin celebrated its 100th anniversary. Therefore, the Danish-American residents sent gifts to e.g. His Majesty King Frederik the 9th of Denmark. The packages were shipped with LEMAN from Racine in Wisconcin - the same location where LEMAN today still has its US headquarters.

For many years, the completion of special transportation tasks for agriculture was one of LEMAN's major areas of expertise. In the picture, which is from the 50s, a consignment of live cattle is examined by the veterinary authorities before LEMAN was responsible for transporting the animals to the former Czechoslovakia.

In 1949, this trained elephant was to be moved from Vienna in Austria to Copenhagen. Although elephant transportation was certainly not an everyday event for LEMAN, the large "passenger" had a great trip in the company of his animal keepers and LEMAN, during the long train journey to Denmark.

In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Olympic Games. The Games were preceded by an almost olympic logistics task, in which LEMAN transported TV transmission equipment to Atlanta to make sure that Scandinavian TV viewers could watch the Games. At that time, it was the biggest logistics task Danish TV had ever conducted.

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