The technological development

From the first telephone to modern IT systems

Having navigated successfully through two world wars and several economic and global crises throughout the last century, our story speaks for itself. It is a story filled with entrepreneurial spirit, fearless expansions and acquisitions, globalization, and technological breakthroughs.

When founded in 1900, LEMAN was at the forefront of technological development. The founder Paul Lehmann was one of the first to acquire a telephone for the company and thus became the forerunner of the "newest" technology.

For 120 years, LEMAN has strived for continuous improvement - in the last many centuries through the development of new IT solutions and technology. Today, we deliver a wide range of tailor-made online solutions, warehouse management systems, and full online booking as well as track and trace. We always strive to deliver exactly the solution that creates the most value for you as a customer.

The picture and article are from LEMAN's 50th anniversary in 1950. At that time, both telephones, telegraphs, and teletypewriters (later known as telex) were already fixed inventory in the offices.

The caption says:
"In order to communicate as rapidly as possible with our branch offices and foreign connections, teleprinter machines are installed in all our offices to supplement telegraph and telephone services.
For example, in 1949 we received 4952 telegrams and cables and despatched 5228, as many as pass through the exchange of a provincial town with some 10.000 inhabitants. In Copenhagen alone, we made 187.000 telephone calls."

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