The LEMAN heritage through a century

Values create the business

From a few pennies to a million-dollar business
25 Danish Kroner (approx. 3,5 EUR) was the amount that Paul Lehmann on 16 October 1900 deposited as LEMAN's first equity from his private account. Today, the company's key figures are slightly different. The picture shows the original accounting book from 1900, which LEMAN's directors have been carefully watching over for 120 years.

The key to success
Since Paul Lehmann founded the company, employees have formed the backbone of LEMAN and are still today our most important resource. It is through the employees that we create growth and innovation. Therefore employee care still has top priority at LEMAN today. The picture shows the employees at the company's anniversary party in 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From attitude to action
The word sustainability was not to be found in the dictionary in 1909, when this picture was taken in the Port of Copenhagen, just opposite LEMAN's old head office. Since then, LEMAN has worked on greener modes of transportation, optimal route planning, and reducing energy consumption. This is to prioritize a continued healthy work environment as well as taking responsibility in the local communities.

Success is contingent on customer excellence
Paul Lehmann believed that success is conditional on service. Therefore, at LEMAN we do our best to be proactive, flexible, and accommodating. That is why our earlier motto "It's easier with LEMAN" leading to today's "Your personal link to global transportation and logistics" are sincere. For us, you are not just a customer, but a partner.

We always find a way
LEMAN has always been recognized for showing the way forward - not least when it comes to our products, which have made logistics easier for businesses through 120 years. Despite world wars, economic crises and pandemics, we have provided customized logistics solutions for customers and have made sure their shipments reached the destination. No matter what, we always find a way - the LEMAN way.

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