LEMAN paves the way for education

Freight forwarder apprenticeship through a century

"Guidance In Freight Forwarding" from 1920

As early as around 1900, Paul Lehmann was trained as an apprentice by working with both Danish and foreign transportation companies. Subsequently, he wrote the book "Vejledning I Spedition" meaning Guidance in Freight Forwarding, which was published in 1920 and helped to form the basis for e.g. the General Regulations of the Nordic Freight Forwarders' Association (NSAB).

For centuries, transportation and shipping have played a prominent role in world business. Therefore, education has been an important factor for the industry and helps to ensure high quality. However, only a few countries in the world have a formalized and well-developed transport and logistics apprenticeship program.

Denmark is one of the countries with formal freight forwarder training and education. Over time, LEMAN has trained hundreds of skilled freight forwarders. And due to the training program, these employees are often attractive labor to companies abroad. At the same time, several of LEMAN's employees have worked for and taught the formal forwarding training program in Denmark as well as been involved in developing learning programs in both the Nordic countries and the UK.

Today, freight forwarding training programs are slowly becoming more common. Among other things, LEMAN has contributed to the development of a freight forwarding apprenticeship program in England, which today is a  government recognized apprenticeship.

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As early as the 1940s, LEMAN held education and training for its own staff. The picture is from approx. 1948 and shows how LEMAN's young customs and forwarding assistants are taught by the older and more experienced colleagues.

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