The story of LEMAN over the years

The LEMAN history

  • 1900 The company Paul Lehmann was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1971 LEMAN USA was founded
  • 1973 Change of name to LEMAN
  • 1987 LEMAN Sweden was founded
  • 2001 LEMAN Norway was founded
  • 2006 LEMAN Finland was founded
  • 2010 LEMAN UK was founded
  • 2020 LEMAN Greenland was founded
  • 2021 LEMAN China was founded
  • 2022 LEMAN Taiwan was founded
  • 2023 LEMAN Vietnam was founded
  • 2023 LEMAN Iceland was founded
  • 2023 LEMAN Mexico was founded

Paul Adolf Lehmann, 1876 - 1950


On October 16, 1900, Paul Lehmann founded his freight forwarding company in Copenhagen. At that time, Paul was 24 years old, but through job training both in Denmark and abroad, he already had a great insight into the industry.

In 1900, freight forwarding was not a widespread profession, and most established companies were primarily engaged in customs clearance. But the innovative founder chose to focus on forwarding, thus laying the foundations for 120 years of thriving logistics and transportation business.

Through hard work and frequent trips abroad, he managed to connect with several foreign and domestic partners and business relations. Thereby, the foundation was cast for the company that should later come to span most of Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Paul Lehmann's first business premises were located in Toldbodgade, which means 'Customs House Street'. Here in the harbor area of central Copenhagen, two modest rooms served as an office for Paul. The first employees consisted of a customs clearer, a clerk, and a young delivery and dept collector boy.

The telephone, which at the time was a new and modern business tool, was installed in the office from the start. Thereby, Paul was already first-mover on the technological development in the industry; a principle that LEMAN still lives by today.