Super Pressure Balloon

LEMAN entrusted with exciting transport to NASA space project

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launch its massive super pressure balloon and a galaxy-probing science project in Wanaka, New Zealand for the University of California.

The giant weather balloon along with all of the scientific equipment is launched to measure weather patterns and global warming. The balloon will circumnavigate the globe once every 1-3 weeks depending on wind, and it floats at an altitude of 110,000 feet, carrying a payload of 5000 lbs

Prior to the launch of the balloon, the solar panels, the data machines, the scientific equipment and the actual balloon arrived at Wanaka airport with LEMAN.

Due to NASA's high quality standards, the project required extensive expertise in logistics and project solution. LEMAN delivered multiple solutions within handling, equipment rental and shipment of containers, flat racks, crane hiring, trucks, trailers and airfreight shipments.

The six standard containers and one helium tank container were picked up out of Texas, shipped by conventional airfreight to Port Chalmers, New Zealand and delivered by truck on time in Wanaka Airport.

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