Trading conditions

All business undertaken is subject to the standard trading conditions of the British International Freight Association (BIFA).

A Copy of which is available on application. 


In case of damage or shortage, please advise the insurance company and the freight carrier immediately.


Terms of Payment:
Net cash plus 30 days, after due date interest and reminder fee will be charged automatically.


Payment to:

Barclays Bank PLC
2nd Floor, 1 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5WU

GBP account: 10371599
Sort Code 20-48-67 / IBAN GB37 BARC 2048 6710 3715 99
EUR account: 56219344
Sort Code 20-48-67 / IBAN GB95 BARC 2048 6765 4920 66
USD account: 65492066
Sort Code 20-48-67 / IBAN GB90 BARC 2048 6756 2193 44


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